Arrest Warrant Guide

Oklahoma Arrest Warrants

How Can an Arrest Warrant Surface?
Warrants can be placed on people for various reasons, sometimes without them knowing about them. If there are any outstanding warrants against a person and they are ignored, then these warrants will eventually catch up. A person then can be arrested.

Arrest warrants can happen for very small things as well as very large occurrences. Sometimes unpaid parking tickets can end up as an arrest warrant if forgotten. A missed court appearance or a clerical error while at the courthouse may end in an arrest warrant. Or, in the worst of situations, someone may be suspected of a criminal act and has not been brought to the police station yet.

Finding Arrest Warrants
Finding out whether or not someone has an arrest warrant is easier than it seems, and may save someone from an unnecessary situation. There are three easy ways of finding whether or not a person has an arrest warrant. The first way is to contact a police officer. He or she will have access to a database of warrants and will be able to tell whether or not a person has an arrest warrant or not. This way is free of charge and is only chargeable if a warrant is indeed present and an arrest is made automatically. Because this is a possibility, some do not choose this option.

Another option is to visit a local courthouse. If a person suspects he or she has an outstanding warrant and in which area it may have been issued, then asking a courthouse is a good option. The courthouse will be able to give the information of whether or not a warrant has been issued. An automatic arrest will probably not happen unless the warrant is for a serious crime.

The third way to investigate an arrest warrant is to use an online service. This can only happen in the United States by using an Internet site. Public databases are available for easy access in an affordable fashion. These sites are one hundred percent confidential, so no arrest can be made automatically. However ignoring a warrant will possibly end in higher costs and fines.

Warrant Removal
Removing arrest warrants can be simple or difficult and depends on the state in which a person resides. Nevertheless it is always best to go to a police station or a judge if a warrant is present. This will result in a better outcome than if a person had to be found later. Surrendering voluntarily will often result in no jail time. Afterward the warrant will be removed from the record.

Oklahoma Arrest Warrants
To find an arrest warrant in the state of Oklahoma, it is quite simple. Oklahoma County maintains a website that lists individuals with active warrants placed by the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office. The website offers a program for those with warrants, called the Sheriff's Surrender Program.

The site asks those with any information in relation to those on the list to call the Oklahoma County Sherriff's Office Warrant Tip-line. All other information can be found on their site.