Arrest Warrant Guide

Alaska Arrest Warrants

Alaska: home to breathtaking scenery, ample wildlife, and a well-known former Governor. Though it is far removed geographically from the other states it follows the same legal guidelines.

As with any state, there are several different types of warrants that can be issued in Alaska (search, extradition, etc.). This article will deal with warrants that result in the detainment of a person, or arrest warrants. In Alaska arrest warrants are usually issued by a district court judge or a magistrate, but can also be issued by congress or other political bodies.

Type of arrest warrants in Alaska
In Alaska all warrants that call for an individuals arrest are simply referred to as arrest warrants. According to the state website, there are not separate terminologies for warrants brought on by committing a crime, or missing a court appearance. Arrest warrants fall under two categories; felony or misdemeanor.

Reasons for a warrant being issued
In the state of Alaska warrants are brought on and dealt with in different ways. A warrant can be issued if it is proven to a judge that a crime has been committed, and the individual named on the warrant could have very likely committed said crime or if someone fails to appear in court.

If after looking at the evidence a judge believes that a conviction can be brought against a person accused of a crime they will issue an arrest warrant to police. That person is then a wanted man in the eyes of the law.

Depending on the severity of the crime police officers will take certain actions to serve a warrant. These include, but are not limited to, making the public aware of the warrant, keeping the warrant on record should the police encounter the person, or in extreme cases locating and seizing the individual with force, if necessary. The later course of action is usually saved for dangerous offenders who pose a risk to society should they remain free.

A second scenario that calls for an arrest warrant to be issued is when someone fails to appear for a court appearance. In this situation a warrant that is commonly referred to as a bench warrant will be issued. Failures to appear warrants are usually classified as misdemeanors.

Individuals who choose to miss jury duty in Alaska can be subject to an arrest warrant for failing to appear in court, though it is not always an infraction that is pursued.

Figuring out if you have a warrant in Alaska
There are several websites that offer services to those who wish to inquire as to whether or not the have outstanding warrants. For Alaska the most trusted source would be the Alaska State Trooper's website. There you will find a link to outstanding warrants in the state of Alaska.

What to do next?
If after viewing a website you believe that you may have a warrant out for your arrest, the most effective way of confirming this would be to contact a lawyer in Alaska. That way you can also have an attorney to advise you should you actually have an outstanding warrant for your arrest.

Better safe than sorry
Even if you feel there is now way you should have a warrant, it is advisable to look into it now a then. In the event someone has stolen your identity and committed a crime, you could be wanted for something you did not do. Remember arrest warrants never expire.