Arrest Warrant Guide

Missouri Arrest Warrants

Every state is facing a financial crisis. One simple fix is to raise more revenue and the easiest way to raise revenue is to issue tickets. Whether they are parking, speeding or moving violations those fines need to be paid.

If you've gotten a ticket and tucked it away in the glove box and forgot about it, this could eventually lead to a Missouri arrest warrant being sworn out in your name. If that sounds serious it's because it is. And if it sounds far fetched, think again. Many Missourians find themselves in this exact same situation each and every day.

A Missouri arrest warrant has to be issued by a judge and there are two types: arrest warrants and bench warrants. In the case of Missouri arrest warrants this is where you are suspected in committing a crime and need to be brought before a judge for arraignment.

Different types of warrants
Of course, no judge is going to sign an arrest warrant on a whim. There has to be compelling evidence or if you have been indicted by a grand jury for a crime then you may have that arrest warrant headed your way. When this happens, police are charged with going out and bringing you into custody.

With regard to a Missouri bench warrants, these might not be as severe as the arrest warrants but they are as every bit as serious in terms of facing the judge. Bench warrants are issued by a judge when they are presented with information that you have failed in some sort of obligation before the court. This could mean unpaid parking tickets, missed alimony payments or even failure to report for jury duty. Yes, that's against the law!

You have to take care of it
However, when you have a bench warrant sworn out in your name, it can become a part of your record without having the police got after you as they would with an arrest warrant. They still might try to bring you before the judge but this usually occurs when you have crossed paths like with a routine traffic stop. Even an employee background can reveal and outstanding bench warrant in your name. That's not something that's going to impress the new boss.

The only way you can resolve a Missouri arrest warrant is by going before the judge who issued it in the first place. When faced with this type of situation it is always advised to have competent legal counsel. Clearing up these matters could be routine but you'll want the help of someone who knows how the legal system works. Just watching "People's Court" isn't enough!

Better safe than sorry
If you think you might have left some business undone with the court, it doesn't hurt to check. You can request a search of warrants in your name at your local court or utilized one of the many online databases for the search. And in this day of rampant identity theft, there could be crimes being committed in your name in a state you don't even live in. That's why it doesn't hurt to check out the Missouri arrest warrant lists to make sure your name is clear.